Posted by Murtaza Hamid On: Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Great Da Vinci Competition


The Great Da Vinci Competition, is organised by the Italian embassy in collaboration with AOD (Academy Of Design).
This Competition was held to celebrate the 500th anniversary of one of the world’s greatest artist, designer and futurist – Leonardo Da Vinci.

The students were supposed to predict the future of Sri Lanka in 2120. They had to come up with an invention, either a tool, object, garment, gadget, app, system or even a vehicle that will solve one of the demands of our society.
Among the 50 students who participated in this competition, 20 students were short listed.
We are extremely proud to announce that 2 of our students; Aarefa Murtaza and Abizar Zohair from Burhani Serendib School got short listed and were awarded a Certificate of Participation.

The topics chosen by our students were :

Aarefa Murtaza : Protecto කාන්තාවන්
The invention created is a bracelet, which has been inspired by the rapid misuse of young girls and women all around the nation. This is an accessory which protects young girls and women from domestic violence, any attempt of rape, sexual assault, or assault in other forms. The accessory has a button, which will call the emergency contacts saved on the owners’ smart phone. The button has a layer of covering over it to prevent it from not being pressed unnecessarily. A hidden knife is secretly inserted for when the abuser tries to get violent and physical.

Abizar Zohair : Cubby – The vehicle of the future
A safe 4 seated minivan and with the push of a button separated at the back for a space efficient 2-seater, separated with the push of a button.
CUBBY will be levitated on electromagnetic tracks to keep people in line. On the inside it will just be like a normal car. automatic and with A/C and if radio still exists it will have it or will play it from the phone through Bluetooth. It may seem like complicated technology but electromagnets can be used to separate the front and back and a metal sheet can be pushed down. CUBBY will be solar powered and will not release soot and harmful gases.

The Great Da Vinci Competition is an exceptional initiative to get us thinking creatively and we are very proud of our students for receiving recognition in it!