About Us

Burhani Serendib School is a school with high academic standards, embedded with Fatemid morals and values. It is a renowned institution of the country, with a glorious history of 41 years of service, educating the youth, nurturing young minds with the knowledge required to make them better individuals of the society and the nation. The school was established in 1983 by Late His Holiness Dr Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin (RA) and today it functions under the educational administration of His Holiness Dr Syedna Muffadal Saifuddin (TUS).

The vision of the School is to offer quality worldly education rooted in Fatemid morals and values, while ensuring high standards of discipline and positive character building. This vision is enhanced by raising the morale of the teachers and training them to practice more effective and engaging teaching methodologies throughout the teaching-learning process. Our vision is further extended to make each and every student physically proactive, which will embed a positive psychological impact on their personality. Thus, making sports and co-curricular activities an important element in attaining the holistic development of each student.