Our Preschool is a unique segment of the school by itself. Children from the ages of 3-5 experience their second home here. Our family of preschool teachers with their warm, approachable, pleasant nature and experience, take good care and make sure the children are made comfortable to begin and enjoy their school life.

The colourful classrooms are a pleasant place to be in. A child’s growth has many aspects: physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual. We at BSS facilitate growth in all these aspects. Outside the classroom, our programme involves- field trips, sports activities, cookery days, visiting special places of interest, the annual concert and graduation day.

The free play concept introduced is a novel experience where children learn through play. Painting, sticking, moulding and role-play are the various activities. Class activities are done simultaneously according to all environmental topics. Elocution, singing and percussion band is taught by experienced teachers who visit us once a week.

The Preschool of BSS is undoubtedly unique because in all our programmes and activities, we inculcate and follow Fatemi morals. Hifzul Quran, deeni talim etiquettes for eating, praying namaz, having good manners, including using of washrooms is all incorporated in the daily routine of the children to make it a part of their life.