Posted by Mustafa Zoeb On: Thursday, February 23, 2023

Inter-House Lisan-ud-Dawat Competition 2023

On February 10th, 2023, we held the final event, the Inter-House Lisanud-Dawat Competition,
“Mari Zabaan, Mari Pehchaan,” to commemorate our School’s 40th anniversary.

Before the competition, students attended brief sessions to help them improve and understand the basic concepts related to Lisanudawat writing.

All students, including the Preschool children too, participated in this competition actively, ensuring to obtain Moula TUS Khushi by being well versed with OUR ZABAAN which is OUR PEHCHAAN.

The criteria for marking were as follows:

🔹Preschool, Primary 1 & Primary 2:
Based on sight words, were judged while having fun time activities/worksheets.

🔹Primary 3 to Primary 5:
1 point for obtaining full marks.
½ point for writing 75% and above correctly.

🔹Form 1 and onwards:
1 point for obtaining full marks
½ point for writing 85% and above correctly.

NAJMI HOUSE emerged as the Winner of the competition.