Posted by Mustafa Hussain On: Friday, November 17, 2023

Inter-House Swimming Meet 2023/24

The Inter-House swimming meet was a thrilling event, featuring three competing houses: Najmi, Saifee, and Imadi. The poolside was filled with excitement and by anticipation as swimmers from each house displayed their skills and determination in the water. It was a day of fierce competition, unity, and unforgettable moments as these houses vied for the coveted title of swimming champions.


Under 13 Sameena AliasgerSaifee
Under 15Zainab ImranSaifee
Under 17Fatema HuzaifaNajmi
Over 17Insiyah ImranSaifee


Under 13 Juzer QusaiImadi
Under 15 Hussain MuffadalImadi
Under 17 Hussain MurtazaImadi
Over 17 Mansoor Badrul JamaliImadi
Overall best girls swimmerZainab Imran
Overall best boys swimmerMansoor Badrul Jamali
Overall championsImadi
Overall runners-upNajmi

The inter-house swimming meet was a testament to sportsmanship and unity. Athletes from each house displayed their skills and commitment. While only one house claimed the title, the event celebrated dedication and camaraderie.