Posted by Murtaza Hamid On: Sunday, February 18, 2018

IGCSE High Achievers 2017

At the Edexcel IGCSE and International Advanced Level Examinations held in May/June 2017, the following students achieved exceptional results.

IGCSE O’Level Results

  • Zenab Zoeb – 10A*s
  • Mustafa Qaidjohar – 7A*s & 1B
  • Lina Anas – 5A*s & 2 As
  • Sakina Mohammed – 4A*s & 4As

GCE (IAL) AS Level Results

  • Nafisa Zoeb – 2AsGCE (IAL)

A Level Results

  • Qusai Saifudeen – 1A* &3As
  • Sara Juzer – 3As

These exceptional results were recognised by Pearson Edexcel International and the following students received the Pearson Edexcel Awards for High Achievers

  • Zenab Zoeb 10A*s
  • Mustafa Kaidjohar 7A*s

World Prizes Along with the High Achiever Award
Zenab Zoeb achieved the following prestigious prizes:

  • 1st in the world for English Language
  • 2nd in the world for Chemistry
  • 3rd in the world for Human Biology

BEST IGCSE RESULTS based on highest average