Posted by Mustafa Hussain On: Friday, March 15, 2024

Class Assemblies 2023/24

The Annual Class Assembly recently took place, showcasing the remarkable talents and dedication of our students. Each group presented an assembly based on their chosen topic, demonstrating creativity and teamwork. After careful evaluation, the winners were announced across three categories: Primary 1 claimed victory in the Junior category, Form 1 excelled in the Intermediate category, and Lower 6 emerged triumphant in the Senior category. This event served as a testament to the academic excellence and innovative thinking fostered within our institution.

Primary 1

During the Primary One assembly, the theme was kindness. Two visiting teachers witnessed heartwarming acts within and outside the school, such as a driver assisting a blind man and locals offering seats to the elderly. The assembly aimed to inspire students to spread kindness everywhere, fostering empathy and compassion. By promoting kindness in all aspects of their lives, students were encouraged to make a positive impact on their surroundings, extending acts of goodwill to family, friends, and the broader community.

Primary 2

Primary 2 performed a skit on ‘Life Without Technology.’ The siblings unplugged from gadgets during a visit to their grandparents, discovering joy in traditional activities and meaningful connections. The performance highlighted the value of simpler pleasures and genuine relationships in a tech-dominated world, urging reflection on our daily engagement with technology.

Primary 3

On February 12th, Primary 03 students presented an assembly themed “Fun: Having fun the right way.” They highlighted the importance of positive and respectful enjoyment, discouraging insults or unnecessary comments for humor. Drawing from His Holiness’s teachings, the assembly featured a skit using bees as a metaphor. The bees demonstrated the pitfalls of self-centered actions, emphasizing the importance of responsible fun for the collective well-being of the community.

Primary 4

The class of Primary 04 carried out an assembly on JEALOUSY, aiming to portray how dangerous this 8-letter word is. It starts with damaging friendships, causing problems, and perpetually losing due to jealousy towards others. This complex emotion can lead to negative thoughts, behaviors, and strained relationships. Furthermore, in terms of the Deeni aspect, they portrayed jealousy through Surah Al-Falaq: ‘The way fire burns wood, jealousy burns one’s soul’.

Primary 5

The class assembly of Primary 5 discussed the topic of UNITY. They made charts, had presentation slides, and even performed two skits. One was about friends getting together and playing a game to show unity, and the other was about a science project on reptiles, highlighting how unity helps accomplish big tasks. The message was clear. It showcases the point to work together, be kind, and avoid arguments. The students ended their assembly with a song on Unity called “We Are Unity.”

Form 1

Form 1 recently presented a thought-provoking class assembly centered around the theme of “Gossip.” The students skillfully portrayed the effects of gossip through a captivating skit. In this performance, classmates falsely accused a peer based on unfounded rumors, creating an engaging narrative that highlighted the harmful effects of gossip. The assembly reached its emotional conclusion as the students, upon realizing the falsehood of the rumors, sincerely apologized to their misunderstood classmate, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Form 2

The class assembly for Form 2 was all about “Shine Bright, Be You.” It was a celebration of individuality and embracing our unique qualities. The students showcased their talents and shared personal stories of overcoming challenges and being true to themselves. It was an inspiring and empowering assembly that encouraged everyone to embrace their own shine and be proud of who they are. It was truly uplifting!

Form 3

The class assembly for Class Form 03 was all about the “Heart of Hospitality.” It was a super meaningful and engaging presentation that emphasized the importance of treating guests with kindness and respect. The students showcased different scenarios and shared valuable insights on how to make people feel welcome and appreciated. It was a fantastic assembly that left a positive impact on everyone.

Form 4

At the Form 4 assembly, students discussed the importance of ‘Focus and Determination’ using real-world business examples. They talked about two businesswomen, one successful but ungrateful, the other humble and grateful. The assembly aimed to prove that with focus and determination, one can achieve their dreams and anything can be made possible. The humble businesswoman’s hard work helped her surpass the success of the arrogant one. Furthermore, gratitude and how we should not take things for granted were highlighted in the Deeniyat aspect.

Form 5

The Form 05 class portrayed the use and importance of ‘Balance’ in one’s life. They showcased the different ways in which balance helps us go along with our daily lives and how great its impact is if we manage it carefully. One example was that even though doing business and earning wealth is just as important, praying Namaz on time and taking care of our religious actions are even more crucial. They showcased the difference between imbalance and perfect balance and how it affects the lives of people of all ages – from a school-going child to an office worker – and how it is not only important for a child but also for an adult to balance their lives.

Lower 6

The class of Lower 6 portrayed the importance of showing ‘Gratitude and Thankfulness’ no matter what situation one faces. With class members expressing what they are grateful for and the lessons learned by being thankful for even the tiniest bit. The assembly proceeded to show an ungrateful man, who overlooked his blessings, and then realized the importance of showing gratitude towards opportunities you have, which isn’t available to all. This was portrayed as a short video was played. The class concluded their assembly with a heartwarming madeh.

Upper 6

The class of Upper 06 showcased the impact of ‘Never Give Up’ in their assembly. The assembly was greatly executed as the students portrayed a weak student at school who could achieve great heights if they didn’t give up on trying in the future. This was depicted as a flashback of the weak student and how she pushed through difficulties but yet did not give up, and now she is successful. The students took real-life examples of people who went through this – Bill Gates, Malala Yousafzai, etc. The class ended their assembly by instilling passion into young students to never give up on their dreams, however huge they may be.