Posted by Murtaza Hamid On: Saturday, February 24, 2018

27th Interact District Conference 2018

‘Blueprint for Change’
The 27th Interact District Council, held on the 24th of February 2018 at the Grand Auric ballroom in Negombo marked a momentous occasion in the Interact Movement of District 3220. ICBSS is proud to say that we, in collaboration with the Interact Club of Vishakha Vidyalaya and with the immeasurable support of the District Council had the privilege of hosting the event.
By creating a balanced blend of the old and new, by embracing tradition and practicing innovation, we can bring about progress and change, and this is what we succeeded to do at the Interact District Conference. We brought to life the Blueprint that had been created at the beginning of the year and revolutionised Conference for all Interactors.
This year, the organising committees took on a challenge in not only organising the Conference in Negombo but also aiming for a participation of at-least 800 Interactors from all over Sri Lanka. We are overjoyed to say that we exceeded this target.

Despite certain obstacles with financial resources at the beginning, both clubs were able to pull together and overcome these problems under the leadership of our school chairpersons: Int. Zenab Zoeb and Int. Amandhi Udumalgama and the Official District Chairperson Int. PP Amaya Fernando.
The chosen venue gave the Conference an unprecedented factor of class and elegance. Three fabulous key note speakers were aptly selected by the District Council in order to motivate the Interactors to be better, work better, and interact better. For the first time, Interactors were provided with a buffet lunch on the Negombo seaside adjoining the venue.
The members of the audience were also entranced by the 3 entertainment performances which were included in order to liven up the proceedings.

Despite all the above, the highlight of the Conference was MORTY; the virtual bot created by District Editor Int. Vithurshan Sharma and the Conference creative committee. MORTY acted as the main host for the
event alongside a supplementary physical compere; making Conference 2017/18 the most technologically advanced Conference ever held.

ICBSS hosted the Conference after a span of over 6 years and helped make it a resounding success, which gained great reviews from all attendees.

*The ICBSS Committee for the Interact District Conference expresses their heartfelt gratitude to the Interact District Council especially DIR Int. PP Muhammed Awoon, DIS Int. PP Amaya Fernando and DIE Int. Vithurshan Sharma for their unending support and help throughout the organisation of the Conference.*