Posted by Mustafa Zoeb On: Friday, October 14, 2022

Smiles Cubed

The Sri Jinanda Childrens Home supports and provides for over 60 young boys who have experienced abuse, neglect, poverty and homelessness and do not normally get the chance to receive gifts.

On the 12th of September the Interact Club of Burhani Serendib School visited the Sri Jinanda Childrens Home in Wellawate after school hours to give all students a rubix cube and spend some time with the children. This was done not only to bring bubbly smiles on to the childrens faces but the gifts were also carefully thought of to help  develop their critical thinking and problem solving abilities at a young age.

The children expressed their gratitude through their actions as they tore open their presents with enthusiasm and immediately put their mind to work, and showing some students uncanny ability to use mathematics from a practical standpoint.