Posted by Murtaza Hamid On: Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Sinhala Literature Day

Burhani Serendib School organized its very first Sinhala Literature Day, which was held on the 22nd of March. The programme was held to honour our mother language, Sinhala, and award the students who won in the Sinhala competition that was held in school.

The agenda consisted of the winning speeches and poems by both the junior and the middle-school sections. The crowd was in awe as the students flaunted their exceptional abilities in speaking the language and presented their work to the audience brilliantly. The students of Primary 1 and 2 looked adorable as they sang a Sinhala song and instantly put more life in the programme. A play was also done by the middle school students which was a story about the famous jester, And are and this again, mesmerized the audience, showing how talented our little actors were.

Next, an address was given by Miss Nisansala, the Sinhala teacher of Highlands College Maharagama and the judge of our Sinhala competition. She said that the students possess a great amount of skill and talent and that she was impressed by how fluent the students were in speaking their third language and would look forward to attending more events like this in our school. The awards were then given to the winners by Miss Nisansala who was assisted by Miss Watsala. A token of appreciation was given to Miss Nisansala by the Principal followed by the Vote of Thanks, marking the end of the agenda.

The programme surely proved to be lively and stunning not only for all the lovers of Sinhala Literature, but also for everyone present. Good reviews were given by both teachers and parents and the students were congratulated by everybody for a job well done.