Posted by Murtaza Hamid On: Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Project STEPS… Towards Excellence

Session 1

The vision of the STEPS TOWARDS EXCELLENCE initiative is to build and shape professionalism and broaden the horizon of our senior students in prospects beyond the knowledge in their curriculum.

Under this initiative we took our first step on the 26th of March 2021 in the School hall.

Burhani Serendib School has produced many professionals and shaped lives from individuals in differing careers spanning over many industries. The alumni of the school can be an exceptional source of inspiration for those who are still pursuing education especially the senior students who are looking for role models and guidance just as they are about to make their most important career decisions.

Through a series of talks of this nature our objective is to bridge our senior students with our very own professionals who will guide them to achieve greater heights beyond the walls of the school.

Our very first guest speaker for was Mr.Murtaza Anverally from the batch of 2014. He was the head prefect of the school for the year 2013/14 as well as the Interact club president for the same year. After leaving Burhani Serendib School, he pursued higher studies in BSc. in Computer Science in University College of Dublin, Ireland, offered by the National School of Business Management (NSBM), MSc. in Cyber Security and Forensics in the University Of Westminster, UK, offered by the Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT). He was also a batch top in this university. Mr Murtaza is currently a software engineer at 99x־ tracified. 

We are very proud of Mr. Murtaza and his story of BURHANIAN excellence!

~ Rabaab Farasdaq | ICT & Media Society