Posted by Mustafa Hussain On: Friday, September 22, 2023

Preschool Annual Concert and Graduation 2023

“Learning is a passion that must not diminish with the years, it needs to be shared, lest it become stifled, icy, silent”

Every year our young stars put on their costumes and act out a wonderful and entertaining concert. This year, respected Janab Amil Saheb and Ben Saheba graced the occasion. The show commenced with Tilawat-e-Quran and a recreation of the famous “Toy Story” movie in which the portrayal of kindness was depicted in an immersive way by the children of kindergarten. Next was an interpretation of the renowned movie ”Sound of Music ‘’ by the Lower Nursery children. The sensational display was followed by the children of Upper Nursery who presented a colourful variation of the Sinhala song “Iren Handen”. Continuing on, an insight into the many educational adventures that take place in our Pre-School was shown. Last but not least, our youngsters went up on stage to accept their long-awaited graduation certificates as they took a huge leap from Kindergarten to Primary -1.