Posted by Murtaza Hamid On: Monday, October 22, 2018

Prefects’ Investiture Ceremony 2018/2019

The annual Prefects’ Investiture Ceremony was held on the 9th of October 2018 at Qutbi Hall from 9:10am to 10:10am.

The theme for the Prefects’ Investiture Ceremony 2018/19 was: “Candles- consuming oneself to give out light” which symbolized the burning passion and the bright minds of the prefects’ to serve the school and lead the student body towards the better.

The Head Prefects’ were introduced by the outgoing Head Prefect Nafisa Zoeb and were badged by the Principal and Mrs Khatoon Ismailjee. The agenda that followed consisted of the Head Prefects’ speech, the badging of prefects; the Prefects’ Oath; the singing of the Prefects’ Song and the address by the Principal. Thereafter refreshments were served to the attendees.

The Prefects’ Guild of 2018/19-

Head Boy: Mustafa Kaidjohar

Head Girl: Zenab Zoeb

Senior Prefects-

Mohammed Firoz

Abbas Fakhrudeen

Ruqaiya Kutubdeen

Radiya Abid

Khadija Johar

Zainab Firoz

Sakina Mansoorally

Abbas Aliakber

Aarefa Hussain

Ruqaiya Murtaza

Sakina Huzaifa T

Alaqmar Hussain

Sub Prefects’-

Hakimuddin Qutbuddin

Hussain Mohammed

Huzefa Murtaza

Rukaiya Shabbir

Rashida Mufaddal

Sakina Shabbir

Rabaab Farasdaq

Sarah Juzer

Junior Prefects’-

Aarefa Aliasger

Aarefa Murtaza