Posted by Mustafa Hussain On: Friday, June 14, 2024

Pre-School Graduation & Concert 2023-2024

On June 8th, 2024, our preschool hosted a momentous graduation ceremony in the Assembly Hall, marking the end of a transformative journey for our students. Excitement filled the air as parents, teachers, and guests gathered to witness the culmination of months of growth and learning. Each child, from toddlers to those on the brink of kindergarten, brought their own unique spark to the stage. Three classes presented a diverse array of projects, showcasing creativity and imagination. Parents beamed with pride as their children displayed confidence and poise in their presentations. The event celebrated the dedication of both students and teachers to early childhood education. As the final curtain fell, it symbolized not just the end of a concert, but the beginning of a new chapter for our kindergarten graduates. With gratitude and excitement, we bid farewell to our preschoolers, knowing they are ready for the adventures that lie ahead.