Posted by Murtaza Hamid On: Monday, May 23, 2022

Our actions, Our Future 2.0

“The biggest threat to the planet is our hope that someone else will save it” – Robert Swan

Since the industrial revolution, human beings have been haphazardly abusing natural resources to a point of no return. Following in the footsteps of his Holiness Seyedna Muffadal Saifudeen the Interact club of Burhani Serendib school initiated the project “Our actions, our future” to create awareness around the fact that what we do today will be reflected tomorrow.

Phase 1 began with raising awareness through videos and posters on what climate change is.

Understanding the significance of trees on the environment, the Interact club of Burhani Serendib School donated 54 different vegetable and lime plants to Sri vajira orphanage, gangodawilla girls development center and Sri Jinadana orphanage on the 31st of December 2021 as part of phase 2.

Along with the manpower, we provided financial support to the rotary ‘plant one million trees’ initiative, an ambitious project in partnership with large corporations, and living up to our standards, the club donated finance for 100 TREES.