Posted by Mustafa Hussain On: Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Inter-House Badminton Tournament 2023/24

On September 23, 2023, the highly anticipated Inter-House Badminton Tournament unfolded, embodying the essence of Badminton as more than just a sport—it’s a passion that propels the shuttle and fuels the soul.

Participants from all three houses; Najmi, Imadi and Saifee competed in a fierce competition. The court pulsed with excitement as cheers from opposing houses clashed in the air.

With the unwavering support from the dedicated House Teachers, the event successfully concluded with Najmi house emerging victorious, closely followed by Imadi House.

Following are the winners of the tournament: 

Girls :

Name House Age Category
Batul HussainSaifeeUnder 11
Sakina IdrisSaifeeUnder 13
 Sakina MurtazaImadi Under 15
 Fatema HuzefaNajmiUnder 17
Naqiya AbdulHussainImadiOver 17
Fatema Zoeb
Sakina Moiz
Junior ChampionSaifee Sakina Idris 
Senior ChampionNajmiFatema Huzefa


Name House Age Category
Burhanudin Huzaifa SharafallyNajmiUnder 11
Burhanudin HuzefaNajmiUnder 13
Mustafa ShabbirNajmiUnder 15
Hussain QutbudeenSaifeeUnder 17
Mansoor Badrul JamaliImadiOver 17
Hussain Murtaza
Ismail Idris
Junior ChampionNajmiBurhanudin Huzaifa Sharafally
Senior ChampionSaifeeHussain Qutbudeen
Upcoming PlayerSaifeeTaha Idris