Posted by Murtaza Hamid On: Monday, May 30, 2022

Inter-House Badminton Tournament 2021-22

The Interhouse Badminton Tournament for the year 2021/2022 of Burhani Serendib School was held on the 22nd of January 2022 at the school badminton complex.

The tournament started off with the opening ceremony which consisted of  Tilawat-e-Quran followed by the singing of the School Song. The students supported their Houses during the Tournament.

Badminton has not only taught the students hard work, but has also trained them to be patient and handle tense situations.

After witnessing extraordinary badminton skills portrayed by our girls we ended the day with the following results

Overall Champions – Imadi House
Overall Runners Up – Najmi House

The tournament was a day of great significance to all the senior Girls of the school as the hard work and determination put in by all houses will take them one step closer to victory in the upcoming Sports Meet. The event was profoundly enjoyed by all the participants and everyone present indicated that the event was a huge success.