Posted by Mustafa Hussain On: Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Inter-House Athletic Meet 2023-24

On Saturday, November 11th, 2023, the highly anticipated Inter-House Athletic Meet took place at the Sugathadasa Mini Stadium. Featuring three competing houses: Najmi, Imadi and Saifee. The event was a spectacular display of incredible sportsmanship, leadership, exceptional talent, unbreakable grit, and determination, every student showcased their exceptional abilities and pushed themselves to the limit. Parents flooding the pavilion, they stood amidst a flurry of excitement, supporting their children and cheering for their houses from afar. 

Students received age-categorical championship for their outstanding performances throughout the event;


Age Category Name
Under 9Mariya Yusuf 
Under 11Batul Mukkaram
Under 13Sakina Idrees
Under 15Mariya Firoz
Under 17Fatema Huzefa
Over 17Arwa Shakir


Age Category Name
Under 9Abdullah Idrees
Under 11Burhanuddin Shabbir Abbas
Under 13Burhanuddin Muffadal Akhtari 
Under 15 Burhanuddin Mohammed
Under 17Hussain Qutbuddin
Over 17Mansoor Badrul Jamali
Overall championsSaifee House
Runners upImadi House

Despite their differences, all the houses revolved around the same theme, which was gemstones.

Imadi House was themed around Garnets, traditionally red and associated with the heart and blood, believed to inspire great deeds. Saifee House had flawless emeralds, which are known for their shimmery purity and tendency toward inclusions, whereas Najmi House showcased Citrine, believed to be a gift from the sun. Citrine is considered a stone of inner peace that radiates positive energy, calm, and prosperity.

It was a momentous occasion as the three houses came together in their final moments, cheering for each other with pure hearts! The air was filled with nostalgia and excitement as our past pupils made an appearance. The ground was buzzing with energy as they relived fond memories of their past years, their passion for their former houses still as strong as ever. With their bold, earth-shaking cheers, they competed fiercely, determined to keep the spirit of Burhani alive.