Posted by Mustafa Zoeb On: Sunday, October 23, 2022

Exhibition on “Celebration of Being You”

“When you celebrate, celebrate to make others happy- just because they were there with you” 

In the year of 2022/23, Burhani Serendib School celebrates its 40th anniversary with no compromises, throughout the year events such as the madeh and qirat competition have had the participation of parents, students and staff alike. 

The grand celebration of the Ruby jubilee arrived on the 21st on 22nd of October, with Burhani Serendib schools celebration of being you, where the students showcased their talents in various fields through many different mediums. 

The two days saw Burhani Serendib school welcomed over a thousand guests who witnessed the immense talent being nurtured in our school, the tech kids- who showcased their aptitude in the digital age. The wordsmiths displayed their talents in the English Language while the skillful hands manipulated anything from clay to cookie dough. The little einsteins displayed the wonderful capabilities of science and its potential to achieve anything. 

The two days were unlike anything seen before in Burhani Serendib School, intense, exciting and rewarding for all involved in making this grand event a great success.