Posted by Murtaza Hamid On: Friday, March 16, 2018

English Fest 2018

An event to commemorate 35 golden years of our beloved Burhani Serendib School, that has reached Incredible heights in these past three and a half decades.Yes,there and a half decades of progressive and glorious development.

To celebrate this Feat, an English Fest had been organized to provide a platform and bring into line our vision which states that not only the scholarly development of an individual is important but the development of a complete persona which helps students stand out in today’s competitive professional environment.

The theme of our English Fest is the concept of pulsating and appreciating the creative talents of the students of Burhani Serendib School. In a true manner of speaking, this English Fest was commenced 2 months back with competitions open for all students to participate. Hence, we have seen incredible talents emerge amidst our students.

The sub junior category competed in poetry recitation and storytelling while the Junior and Intermediate category competed in poetry  recitation and prepared speech. The competitions were judged by internally recruited judges and finalists were judged by Mrs.Tasneem  Aliasger, Associate of Wendy Whatmore academy in effective communication, Spoken English and Speech and Drama also associate of Trinity College of London in Speech and drama. And, Mrs. Panthea Goonathilaka, the founder of CLEON and coordinator at lyceum. The senior students also competed in creative and poetry wiring.

In addition to the aforementioned competitions. An Interhouse Spelling Bee competition was also held which highlighted the unmatched spelling capabilities of the students. In line with the preparation for the English Fest a communication skills was held by Mr. Shamen Sameer the youngest winner of humorous toastmasters. Who advised us on the methods of writing and delivering a good speech.
The culmination of all the efforts put during the past months were put together, as we recognized the winners of the competitions which were previously held. Also in store was the final round of the Interhouse Drama Competition which showcased the wonderful works of a legendary writer, Charles Dickens.