Posted by Murtaza Hamid On: Friday, February 28, 2020

Annual Interhouse Sportsmeet 2019/2020

Annual Interhouse Sportsmeet of Burhani Serendib School 2019/2020

The Annual Interhouse Sportsmeet of Burhani Serendib School for the year 2019/2020 was held on the 14 th of December at the S.D.S Jayasinghe Grounds from 11:00 am onwards.

The opening ceremony started off with the grand Olympic torch relay which is a symbol of continuity of the games and represents purity; honesty; strive for perfection and life itself. This was followed by the traditional hoisting of the School and National flags, by Games Captain, Alaqmar Hussain, and Principal Sir, Dr. Sh. Shabbir Hussain respectively, along with the three house flags hoisted by their respective house captains, and the recitation of the Athletes’ Oath. The meet was then declared
open by our Principal and quite a bright and colourful display of balloons was seen afterwards as all three houses and the sports’ team released balloons respectively to the colour of their team; green, yellow, red and blue. The opening ceremony was concluded with this and the students marched back to their respective houses.

This year, the themes for the three houses were:

~ Najmi House – Treasure; the idea portrayed was that instead of worldly treasure, spiritual treasure is what truly matters for the growth of students into extraordinary human beings. The treasure is not the final result but the qualities learned through every step of the journey.

~ Imadi House – Angry Birds; different emotions were characterized through the characters from the famous Angry Birds Comics, such as anger and greed, to get across the idea that these negatives in a person’s life should be overcome and positive qualities should be replaced in
order to achieve success in life. The students of Imadi House also took the initiative of setting up dustbins throughout the grounds to help keep the environment clean.

~ Saifee House – Nature; the topic depicted that nature, that is, the environment around us is a very important factor in every aspect of one’s life. The house was adorned with scenic paintings of nature and was indeed very relaxing to look at.

During the course of the sports meet, participants of the various races and activities being held showed fierce competition and put in a lot of effort in trying to achieve the final aim of winning the glorious trophy for their house. The most nerve wrecking events to watch were the relays at the very
end of the program and parents and teachers alike were at the edge of their seats, cheering as loud as possible for all houses, encouraging them to give their all and try their best to win at the finale.

The agenda also consisted of activities and obstacle races done by the children of the pre-school. Their cute costumes and their smiling faces made the whole audience look at their exhibition in awe as they tried their hardest to complete their courses successfully. The adorable pre-school students truly did a wonderful job and helped ease everyone’s stress and worry for the upcoming events and the final outcome of the sports meet. A cake-cutting ceremony was also organized by the Students’ Council of
Burhani Serendib School to celebrate the birthday of our Principal Sir, Dr. Sh. Shabbir Hussain which made the sports meet even more memorable for everyone present.
Finally, the closing ceremony commenced. The Chief Guest for the evening was Mr. Chaminda de Alwis, former National Basketball Champion, and he delivered a really powerful speech as great advice was given and words of wisdom were spoken, also providing an insight on his personal experiences. It was truly an honour to have him grace this occasion. The speech was followed by the prize distribution and participants, who won, either individually or in a team event, were given trophies and certificates.

The three main awards were given to the following houses:
~ Best Decorated House – Najmi House
~ Best Marching Squad – Najmi House
A tensed atmosphere was created after all the prizes and awards were announced as everyone awaited the final result. The positions of the houses were then declared, with Najmi House as runners- up and the champions of the Annual Inter-house Sportsmeet 2019/2020 being Saifee House.
Overall, the sports meet was a very successful and memorable occasion to all students and parents of the school and also to everyone who attended to support those participating. Capturing the essence of the ‘5S’ philosophy of stamina, speed, strength, skill and spirit, the Annual Sportsmeet of Burhani
Serendib School for the year 2019/2020 was indeed a celebration of true teamwork and sportsmanship.