Posted by Murtaza Hamid On: Thursday, July 11, 2019

Karate Grading Test

Karate Grading Test.
At the recent karate grading test 46 of our karate students participated out of which all of them managed to excel in the tests bringing glory to our school  
Yellow Belt-

Amatullah Hussain

Batul Hussain

Insiya Juzer

Insiya Taher

Zahra Khuzema

Munira Idris

Sameena Aliasger

Alefiya Mohammed

Maryem Firoz

Khadija Murtaza

Shirin Juzer

Sakina Moiz

Burhanudeen Khuzema

Burhanudeen Aliasger

Burhanudeen Murtaza

Burhanudeen Huzefa

Burhanudeen Adnan

Burhanudeen Muffadal

Taher Mohammed

Taher Hussain

Ammar Mustafa

Burhanudeen Mohammed

Mustafa Hussain

Red Belt-

Munira Zoeb

Khadija Huzefa

Alefiya Saldiwala

Amatuallah Muffadal

Ruqaiya Huzefa

Zainab Huzefa

Amatullah Mustafa

Ali Shabbir Hussain

Yusuf Saleh

Huzaifa Dawood

Juzer Qusai

Orange Belt-

Ali Shabbir Hussain

Yusuf Saleh

Green Belt-

Zainab Adamjee

Hussena Firoz

Fatema Zoeb

Sakina Aliasger

Burhanudeen Muffadal

Mustafa Shabbir Hussain

Hussain Zohair

Maad Hussain

Taha Idris

Huzefa Zohair
Blue Belt-

Mustafa Zoeb

Mohammed Firoz
We congratulate all participants for their promotion in the sport and hope that they will perform to their utmost ability when it is time to make our school proud.